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Linoleum Floors By TARKETT





Tarkett products are known for their consistently superior quality, ease of installation and durability. That’s because we engineer our products to the highest standards. Top quality material is only half of the story. A floor coverings beauty and serviceability is also dependent on installation over a suitable substrate. By carefully following the installation instructions, it should be a simple matter to make each installation of Tarkett resilient flooring a job we can all be proud of.  As part of our pledge, our flooring products are covered by extensive warranties against manufacturing defects. Any warranty is only as a good as the job planning and the installation that is performed. Tarkett recognizes the importance of the dealer and installer, and the part they play, in the warranty coverage of our flooring products.

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Tarkett  Linoleum  Floors  for  the  Kitchen


Judith Storm ~ Easy Living Fashion 






Judith Storm
Easy Living Fashion 

Antonia Navy
Easy Living Fashion 

Salina Winter
Easy Living Fashion 





Kitchen View
Vogue-Dreamy Beige ~ Fresh Start Style 




Sylvanova Slate-Brown
Life Time Living 

Sylvanova Slate-Steel
Life Time Living 




French Marble-Beige & White
Life Time Style 

French Marble-Black & White
Life Time Style 





Rich Onyx--Warm Slate
Life Time Style

Rich Onyx-Natural Stone
Life Time Style  


Tarkett Linoleum Floors for the Bathroom


Bathroom View ~ Alamo Stone 


Vancouver-Grey Beige
Life Time Style 

Alamo Stone ~ Dark Rust
Easy Living Fashion

Alamo Stone ~ Taupe Beige
Easy Living Fashion


Tarkett Linoleum Floors for the Diningroom


Diningroom View ~ Sea Grass ~ Oriental 


Sea Grass ~ Tai-Style 

Kaitlyn ~ Taupe 

 Sea Grass ~ Oriental



Tarkett  Linoleum  Floors  for  the  Mudroom and/or Entryway


Mudroom and/or Entryway  View




Alto  ~ Evening Dove 

Modernity ~ Denim 

Impressario ~ Smoke Grey 



Tarkett  Linoleum  Floors  for  the  Recreation Room



Recreation Room
Bubble Fun ~ Blue 




Kidland ~ Multicolor 




Tarkett  Linoleum  Floors  for  the  Bedroom


Bedroom View ~ Berkshires Arizona Tan 




Oceanside Stone ~ Sand 

Berkshires Oak ~ Arizona Tan

Melody ~ Velvety Suede




Tarkett  Linoleum  Floors  for  the  Living Room



 Living Room View ~ Cameron Bleach




Judith Storm 

Cameron ~ Bleach 

Kaitlyn ~ Plum 


Tarkett  Linoleum  Comfort Style



Brunswick ~ Blue  

  Brunswick ~ Gold


Pickering Slate ~ Charcoal

Brunswick ~ Cream