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Discover our Technologies and Innovations

BerryAlloc has a great passion for innovation. Already in 1996 we revolutionized the flooring industry by introducing our patented aluminum locking system. The world’s first glue free locking system. Since then we have constantly continued the development of our products, and today we can present a flooring range with a lot of special features:

BerryAlloc Aluminum Locking System – the patented secret

The unique aluminum locking system ensures a strong and tight joint that will not break even with the heaviest weights or the highest traffic.

The strength of the surface

The High Pressure Laminate surface is extremely durable, with wear and impact resistances many times stronger than other laminate floors.  The BerryAlloc High-Tech Laminate withstands moisture, most acids and alkaline solutions, lit cigarettes and high impact blows. 

Hydro Plus®: water and moisture resistant

Hydro Plus® is a technique in which the locks on every plank receive a special waterproof coating, making the lock completely water-resistant. It is the ideal solution for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and dining rooms. The floor can even be cleaned with a bucket water and a mop. There is a water-resistant floor for every interior!

Best Loc® X-Treme for super-fast installation

Best Loc® X-Treme is easier and quicker to install. No tools or glue needed. Simply click the boards together. It takes up to 30% less time to install, regardless of what length the floor
area to be covered.


Ultimtec®: A tough surface

BerryAlloc’s high-tech wear and scratch-resistant varnish for the Parquet range was created in a lab using molecular nano-technology. It offers the undisputed top-performing product
on the market: Ultimtec®.  The wood receives six coats of varnish, making it ultra-tough, beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, and protecting its color over time.  For life.

Lifetime warranty

We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we are pleased to offer lifetime warranty for residential use on all our product range (except for parquet where we offer up to 50 years residential warranty on the floor and a lifetime warranty on the locking system).





BerryAlloc is a new brand in floor and wall covering that will replace the former Berry Floor brand and the Alloc brand.  BerryAlloc is a powerful force and a global international player comprising :

  • High-Tech Laminate
  • Laminate
  • Parquet
  • Click Vinyl
  • Walls

BerryAlloc is a leading creator of interior design and home decoration for residential and commercial projects.  At BerryAlloc, they share all  the same passion for quality, innovation and service.  They are committed to the same goal of improving the quality of life in a greener, more sustainable world.


They are all united by their common working values to:

  • Delight our customers
  • Strive for excellence
  • Focus on people 
  • Create added value
  • Act with integrity


Berry Floor Benefits:

·           Adhesive-free installation w/o hammer or  tapping block

·           Quick and easy

·           Immediately ready to use

·           Up to five times stronger

·           No installation errors

·           Easy to repair, dismantle and reposition

·           The underlay is always accessible

·          Floor heating is possible

·           Hydro Plus, water resistant